How to get noticed

Need help promoting your event? As is true with running training [refer back to the first blog above], in marketing a varied approach will get the best results. Don’t neglect offline marketing! Here are three tried and true methods that are likely to boost your outreach and engagement:

1 – Post

Everyone with an email address is an expert at ignoring emails. Letters are a different story. They’re unusual. They’re also tangible. Create some eye-catching materials and send them to areas near the site of your event that contain large numbers of people who match your target demographics. You may also want to include a promo discount code as an added incentive.

2 – Talk

Get out and meet people! Face to face promotion shows that you’re passionate about your event and allows you to tailor your message. Its engaging and can be a lot of fun. Try to secure space at an event that will appeal to your target audience: markets, expos and festivals are all potential options. You may even get free entry to the event as an added bonus!

3 – Advertise

Place an ad in a local newspaper or magazine. It’s a great way to utilize a pre-existing distribution network that is tailored to your target area. You may also be able to get the paper or magazine to write a story about your event: chances are, the writers there will be happy to have one less topic they need to identify. We all like it when other people solve our problems for us: solve theirs so that they help solve yours.

Since you’ll also be using online methods, you’re more than welcome to email us at [email protected] so that we can list your event on our site, free of charge.

January 16, 2017

Richard Potter

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