Strava: Passionate Racers, A Community that Works

Strava connecting athletes

Cliché or not we do live in a fast paced world and we are constantly looking to the next best app or platform to bridge the connections that we feel we’re missing out on. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even Tinder all have their place and function but when it comes to the athletic community, Strava is racing ahead of the pack. 

Training and Community

As athletes we constantly strive for affirmation that we’re pushing ourselves to our physical limits in training and racing in the pursuit of performance improvement . When training alone, it can be difficult to gauge what these limits with no comparator for how our fellow athletes are training. The chance to train with and gauge yourself against other athletes is a key motivator and one of the key reasons for the popularity of running, swimming, cycling and triathlon clubs. These  clubs provide not only an outlet for community and friendship but to compare and push ourselves against the achievement of others. Strava User Interface

Finding Time

A fundamental issue for many athletes is that with hectic professional, family and social lives, fitting training into the defined schedules of athletics clubs can sometimes be impossible. The beauty of Strava lies in its online recreation of this inclusive club environment allowing you to share and discuss your training and racing performances with other racers. With athletes of all abilities on Strava, from Olympic Gold medallists to weekend warriors, there are no shortage of sources of inspiration to turbo charge your training motivation. With a raft of training tools, metrics, workouts and routes available too, Strava provides the perfect aide for time-pressured athletes.Strava tools and analytics

Cut Through the Noise of Social Media

At Race Space, what we love about Strava is that it cuts through so much of the noise we’ve found on other social media platforms and it gets right to the heart of the discussion. You can compare, comment and engage with other athletes in your network without the obligation to 1. Post a piece of content to start a conversation or 2. post a photo from your latest training session. On this platform your dedication to the sport, and your performance numbers speak for themselves.

Join The Strava Club

Race Space has recently opened up our own Strava ‘Club’ a space we hope will be a positive reinforcement of the community we’re so fond of and are dedicated growth of in the UK and soon, internationally. If you’re new to the Race Space community we encourage you to join and engage, we have all levels of athletes from the daily trainer to the monthly jogger. We hope this will provide a great forum where athletes training for one of our events can engage with other racers ahead of the big day! Join us in our journey to inspire a new generation of athletes!


August 10, 2017

Sean Errey

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