Summer Fitness and Training on Holiday

Summer brings with it the opportunity to enjoy more days of sunshine outdoors, which is always a perfect invitation to train outside with light clothes while it is warm and bright. So with this in mind as the perfect plan, keep reading to discover the benefits to train in summer and how it can help you to be in shape for your goals in autumn and winter.

  1. Summer Fitness must be consistent  

When we plan our season to get ready for a race, it is hard to stick directly to one plan. Doing every single planned session while managing the weather conditions are a factor that imediately effects our ability first place to do your session or not. An example could be when you have to do an intervalic session or sets on track, if it’s raining that day, is cold or really windy, maybe you will change the plan and do it on the treadmill, do shorter session or defiantly jumping the whole session because the weather conditions doesn’t motivate you to complete this session, which undoubtedly will affect to your performance.  So get the advantage that summer offers being consistent with your training program 100% without excuses!
summer fitness routine

 2Holidays are a Great Opportunity to Balance Fitness and Relaxation  

Summer is the favourite season to enjoy time off abroad near the sea, for some, holiday means nothing but relaxing and training is not on the menú. You don’t need to regiment yourself to routine during your vaction but it can be a perfect way to get to know the area and plan for what you might see during your day out. Not to mention running in the morning will energise you and prepare you for the day of activity (or relaxing) ahead. Easy runs are one of the nice sessions to do beside the beach, you won’t feel drag from the time you ran,  enjoy every step with a smile on your face.
running in the heat

3. Stay Hydrated During the Warmer Months

When we running during the summer, we need to take extra care to look after our body and be more aware of how our body is communicating to us. It is easy to get over confident thinking that it is not too hot or that you will be only be running for short amount of time. Avoid being naive, always carry water with you and be aware of the weather and sun, trying to run early or late on the evening to avoid the high temperatures, as it could be crucial for your health to ignore this.
 running during holidays

4.Find a Race to Motivate your Summer Fitness Routine

Summer offers a great opportunity to run for fun at beautiful races that it will keep you motivated. Short races like the 5k are perfect to keep you in shape pushing yourself to increase your speed for your main goals ahead. Let’s say that these short races will be another session on your program to train for the main goal of the coming season.

5. Choose your Major and Minor Goals

Some of us don’t need to plan a race to keep up our running motivation, but it is really helps to find a 10k or half marathon in September or October to keep training and be on shape during the summer, because you mind is set on for a goal and it will  remind you that you have a race on the following months. Even you can plan a marathon at end of the year to finish the year with great achievements.

So yes runners, choose your goals and keep enjoying the summer, doing what you love!

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Miriam Jimenez | Miss Personal Trainer |

Miriam Jimenez, Sports Science Graduated, Personal Trainer Rep’s Level 3 and WM Running Coach. Trying to copy my dad ‘s example, I started running 15 years ago and now I can’t stop! Cross country and track was my focus, but now enjoy every challenge, specially marathons.

Find tips, advice and inspirational experiences about fitness and running on my personal blog called Miss Personal Trainer, also you can find me teaching Personal Training sessions around Greenwich or Chelsea, delivering Meet Runs to inspire runners of different levels as a WM Race ambassador at Olympic Park or training for new challenge at Ladywell Running Track. Feel free to join me and share Kms!

August 21, 2017

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